Nov 22, 2008

michael the blind

this is my old roommate from portland circa 1995. we cut an album together, or, i was his sit in drummer. it was pretty amazing at the time.

Nov 19, 2008

you gotta love nora

i am working on sit and shake with my kittens, and they've pretty much got it. nora is way beyond anything i've seen though.

a definite hump day

today i lost more catfood. i could have fed a small city of stray cats with the dollars i lost on YHOO today. steve ballmer at MSFT needs to stop fucking around with my money. just buy fucking YHOO already and give me my money back.

in other news...i popped someone's bubble today, i am not sure what to think about it. i think he's slightly in shock about it. what the hell did i say?? I am just really wowed by this MASHsf video. it's kinda like when i told him i said goodbye to an ex on videotape. perhaps he's just easily effected. i dunno, he seems to be just running on fumes now. i do hope i did him some good and he deosn't go become a CPA.

there is this amazing quote at the end of the film Adaptation: "you are what you love, not what loves you". think about that mr. TAGsf

i'm slowly finally getting out of my dark, dark place. it's such a relief. more on that later. damn this blogging could be just what the doctored ordered. that or more videotape.